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the Wargamer £5 challenge

March 24, 2014

about a month ago i was invited on facebook by Vidpui Markes to participate in a challenge! the so called  Wargamer £5 challenge.

what were the rules:

buy a model for £5 or less ( or equivalent in other currency) not including postage. Paint the model to your best ability and sell it on ebay through action. the one that sells his/her model for the most amount has the right to brag!


so i went out searching for a model on ebay. i found a old school Rogue trader librarian. let the bidding war start! after a few bids i was the proud owner of this:




a few days later i got my model in the mail. really excited but busy with  other painting stuff (an imperial Knight) i postponed it  for 2 weeks.

as the librarian needed a new base ( because he’s a terminator) i gave him a larger lava base. painting only took a couple of hours, but i am really proud of it!

so  here is the end result!

lib ebay 2lib ebay 1lib ebay 3lib ebay 5lib ebay 4


after finishing i made an auction on ebay!

now to see if it sells for more then the starting price!

happy bidding!




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